Evaluating Apps: Harry Walker’s Rubric

I recently got in touch with educator and researcher Harry Walker. He spent years developing, revising, and establishing the validity of his Evaluation Rubric for Mobile Apps (which forms the nice little acronym, ERMA). He administered a couple rounds of surveys to a couple hundred experts around the U.S. and a few other countries, and tested the rubric’s validity.

Walker has been kind enough to share his rubric with me and with you. While there are a handful of rubrics being used out there (nicely summarized here), few if any have undergone such rigorous testing. In developing his rubric, Walker has established a foundation of research for us to build upon, which the fast-moving field of educational technology so often lacks. For that, I am grateful.

Take a look at Walker’s rubric below, and read some of his thoughtful insights on his blog, I Teach Therefore IPod.

Harry Walker Rubric

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