The Five Senses: A Writing Activity

Early this year, we spent some time learning about the human body. For one activity, I asked students to write and then draw things that they like to see, listen to, touch, taste, and smell. They enjoyed it, and it provided a nice opportunity to practice phonics skills. What they came up with made me laugh, so I thought I’d share it. Can you guess what each one says?

Photo Apr 03, 10 43 59 AM Photo Apr 03, 10 44 23 AM Photo Apr 03, 10 44 46 AM Photo Apr 03, 11 56 45 AM Photo Apr 03, 11 57 04 AM Photo Apr 03, 11 57 21 AM Photo Apr 03, 12 00 16 PM Photo Apr 03, 12 01 53 PM

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